Thursday, April 17, 2008

Key Dates

  • May 20th to May 30th Interviews
  • June 23rd to June 27th Pre-employment Training week
  • June 30th Start work within placements
  • July 28th to July 31st Leadership and Job Readiness Training
  • August 15th Last day within placements
  • August 20th Commitment Graduation event

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi!To all the wonderfull youth our there!PEACE AND LOVE TO YOU ALL ACROSS THIS WONDERFULL COUNTRY.I wanted to thank all the staff monitors and all the others organization who work hard to make focus on youth a successfull program.I have gain a lot from this opporunity and i think it give us all youth a head start to move forward in life and to give back to my community share what i have learned on my training at central tech high school this summer.It was a great ,enjoyable and wonderfull experience on the training session especially do cpr.i wanted to say a special thank you to flade who keep talking to us from not making us fall asleep on the traing.We are the youth of tommorrow i think we can change the world for a better place by working together.PEACE!